More than wine & The Bottleshop

Fresh and delicious natural wines

We work with “More Than Wine”, based in Zürich, whose focus is on small-batch producers located around Europe. We stock wines from France, Italy, and Switzerland, but also from producers with an artisanal and “craft” touch—so this could mean wines from Georgia, Czech Republic, or Germany, too. But it’s not just about the country of origin. More Than Wine cares deeply about relationship longevity, and therefore only imports wine made by friendly, genuine, and talented people. 

We prioritize easy drinking wines that are true to their grapes, style, region, and terroir, with a unique factor that makes them special. Our wines change regularly, but all have a reason to be in our selection. Some popular and regular varieties include pet nat, natural sparkling wines, light whites, orange wines, and fresh zippy reds.