High-quality natural flours

Surrounded by meadows and forests in Wittnau, Switzerland, Altbachmühle is run by the Tschudi family and produces three different flours that we use in our pizza dough: organic Halbweissmehl, Halbweissmehl, and Hartweizengriess. The grain that is processed in the mill comes from sustainable farmers in the region around Wittnau, and 60% of the wheat mixture contains organic seeds—which means that even after milling, no flour treatment is necessary, thanks to the excellent quality of the raw materials and the gentle milling process.

The flours we use from Altbachmühle have a higher mineral content than typical “tipo 00”, and there is only one ingredient, which is not the case in most mass-produced flours with their various additives. This natural element is crucial for our sourdough to thrive without hindrance.