About ALBA

Changing pizza for good.

ALBA is the first sourdough pizzeria to arrive in Zurich, Switzerland. With an experimental mindset, a thoughtful approach, and an anything-goes spirit, we are a celebration of community, craftsmanship, and pizza. We are challenging how pizzerias operate by creating more sustainable food ecosystems: not just through our pizzas, but through all the other elements one enjoys at a pizza restaurant—cocktails, natural wines, starters, and desserts. We work exclusively with small-scale producers and never, ever cut corners when it comes to quality. We pay tribute to the simple things and live by three main values: No set rules, traceability, and innovation through craftsmanship. Come and see for yourself, and enjoy an unusually good slice of pizza.

About our pizzas

Thin, crispy, charred, and folded.

With a ​​detail-oriented approach, our artisanal, Neapolitan-style pizzas are baked in a 430-degree oven for 80-90 seconds to create the perfect smoky char. They all employ a secret weapon: Aulus, our 160-year-old sourdough starter that we nurse and feed daily. Our dough is a composition of six different flours; three local flours from the Altbachmühle in Aargau and three ancient grain varieties from Molino del Ponte in Sicily. Every dough and every kneed is different, as the natural yeasts and small bacteria all work their magic. Each rests for at least two full days, in ALBA’s special fermentation chamber. We make our own mozzarella from scratch, using raw milk originating from cows that graze just 20 kilometers from our restaurant. Our tomatoes are hand-picked in Sicily during the height of summer, using the siccagno method which produces the most exceptional, deeply sweet taste. We import the majority of our ingredients directly from our small-scale suppliers, cutting out the middleman, ensuring unparalleled taste and quality, and serving as the canvas for direct-from-farm cuisine. It’s our way of shedding light on sustainable food ecosystems—one delicious pizza at a time.