Molino Del Ponte

Ancient Grains from Sicily

Molini del Ponte, a fourth-generation mill run by the Drago family, produces three different flours that we use in our pizza dough: Maiorca, Russello, and Tumminia. In an effort to save ancient grain varieties from extinction, Filippo and his family are helping to unite and organize a group of Sicilian grain growers from whom they buy their grains from. Only the best grains are brought to the mill, where a pure processing of each individual kernel takes place, through a state-of-the-art optical sorter. 

The flour is milled using the same Ferte natural stones, still toiled by hand as they were hundreds of years ago. In mass-produced flours, the germ (core of the seed where growth occurs) is usually removed to ensure a long shelf life. But Molini del Ponte does it differently, retaining the precious germs, which means the flour maintains its nutritional value contributing to better health for our customers. The purity of the grain ensures the preservation of its texture and flavor, which is enriched by the aromas of wild herbs growing in the fields where it is cultivated. Ultimately, this enhances the quality of our dough.