Del Grillo

Brigade Siccagno Tomatoes

Led by siblings Giuseppe and Fiorenza, who draw on knowledge passed down from their father and grandparents, the aim of Del Grillo is to close the production chain and promote a lifestyle tied to the ancient customs of Sicily’s local inhabitants. Their farm is located in hilly Alcamo at 450 meters above sea level on the slopes of Mount Bonifato, with a sandy-clay soil landscape that is rich in natural minerals. Del Grillo produces pomodoro Siccagno, which is defined not by the type of tomato seed, but by how the tomatoes are grown: without irrigation, hoses, or pipes (Siccagno means “dry” in Sicilian dialect), relying on Mother Nature to facilitate their maturation. 

The tomatoes develop solely with the natural moisture found in the soil, provided by the dew that comes with temperature changes between night and day. This makes the flesh more concentrated, sweeter, and more ripe. The tomatoes are picked and selected by hand with no machinery in sight. They are then blended raw and bottled directly in glass jars, with only a touch of salt added. Thanks to the expertise and care of those who work on the land, only the best tomatoes are processed, providing the essence of Sicilian summer in a jar.