Zehn Frauen, die Zürichs Gastro-Szene prägen

Tag der Frau! Pascal Grob stellt zehn Zürcher Szene-Gastronominnen vor. Namen, die man sich merken muss.

At Alba, we're not content with being just another "great and authentic" Neapolitan pizzeria. Sure, our roots are Italian and Neapolitan, but we also embrace a wide range of other influences and nationalities.

We believe that true culinary innovation comes from blending diverse traditions, techniques and ingredients, rather than strictly adhering to a single notion of authenticity.We like to describe ourselves as Italian-inspired and locally sourced. We're not afraid to experiment and take risks in our cooking, while staying true to the quality and craft that Italian cuisine is known for. And as a Zurich-based pizzeria, we're proud to showcase the best of our local ingredients and flavors alongside the traditional techniques we've learned from Italy. Certain things should remain untouched for a reason and we are transparent about it. We source our olive oil and tomatoes from the southern regions of Italy due to the unique taste profile found only in the south.We use sourdough because we think it gives us a more complex flavor profile and an airier crust due to the natural fermentation process. We work with small-scale flour producers, use a hydration and cold-ferment our dough for 48h. We bake our pizzas below the traditional temperatures at 410° for approximately 80-90 seconds. Our topping combinations are unconventional and inspired by the nationalities and influences we carry within us.