Sunset Room

Bremgartnerstr. 70, 8003 Zurich

For a more intimate setting we can rent you out the sunset secluded in the back of the restaurant with dark red color.

Sunrise Room

Bremgartnerstr. 70, 8003 Zurich

For a livelier atmosphere, we offer the option to rent out the Sunrise Room, located at the front of the restaurant.

Exclusive bookings

For an entire venue

If you're looking for an exclusive private event at our restaurant, we're happy to help make it happen. Use the link below to send us your inquiries about booking Alba exclusively for your event.


Is ALBA wheelchair accessible and do you have accessible toilets?

Yes we are and yes we do.

You want to celebrate your birthday with us?

We feel honoured. We have built the reputation to host amazing and laid back birthday parties. You can come with a smaller group or rent out entire rooms for a more exclusive party. a more exclusive setting

Do you respect dietary restrictions?

Absolutely. We always before bringing the food whether there are any dietary preferences or allergies that need to be respected. We take pride in offering pizzas that cater to everyone.

Why do you offer a menu?

First of all, our guests love the menu experience. You get to try all of our different starters and pizzas, which is the best way to get to know ALBA. Additionally, we offer menus as we can't handle too many pizzas at the same time, and we want to ensure you get the best possible experience while eating it - Pizza is best eaten while hot. The longer you wait for the other pizzas to arrive, the more likely it is you'll experience a drop in quality.