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Looking for a new twist on traditional Italian pizza?

Founded by hospitality professionals, the Alba team aims to redefine authenticity by utilizing unconventional techniques and local produce to create unique pizzas. Unlike traditional pizzerias, Alba uses sourdough for its dough to achieve a tangy flavor and keep things as natural as possible by omitting commercial completely.

But don't let the unconventional techniques fool you - we spent years perfecting our craft by talking to sourdough bakers across Europe, selling pizzas out of our Berlin apartment building, experimenting with a pop-up and even launching our product at music festivals. We were determined to "grow with the dough" and create a unique product that would stand out in Zurich's vibrant gastronomic scene.

In fact, Alba is the perfect place for those who appreciate tradition but aren't afraid to bring their own twist to the table. We may have Italian and Neapolitan blood running through our veins, but we wanted to create something new and fresh for Zurich's foodies.

That's why we added new flavors with local produce, utilizing Italian craftsmanship to bring a new light into the old-fashioned world of pizza baking. And with Carmine Giannini and Gennaro Spiezia, aka "the Sourdough whisperers" on our team, we have a true experts to help us achieve our vision.

Carmine and Gennaro were born and raised near Naples and worked in some of the best pizzerias in Europe before joining Alba. But they grew tired of traditional Italian "rules" and wanted to challenge conventions by expanding their horizons. And that's exactly what Alba is all about - taking tradition and giving it a fresh twist.

So if you're looking for a delicious and unique pizza in Zurich, look no further than Alba. With its unconventional techniques, local produce, and dedication to redefining authenticity, it's the perfect place for those who love tradition but want to try something new. And with delivery options available, you can enjoy Alba's delicious pizzas from the comfort of your own home.

Looking forward to welcome you soon.

Meagan & Simon

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